Philosophy Mar 23, 2020

At some point in life most of us start looking for that universal answer aka 💡enlightenment to all the problems that bothers us and we call it quarter/mid/end life crisis.‌‌‌‌Very recently I started tasting the entrée of life, and from all the learning that I have done there is just one major takeaway [pun intended].

From a clear understanding one can see that enlightenment is not about gaining knowledge or answer to a problem that you have to solve or situation you need to address but rather its a subtle art of loosing the question and letting go of the burden to solve the crisis.

A crazy free soul will tell you, enlightenment or spiritual cleansing is something one should work on in their old age and in the mean time "plunge into the present like there is no tomorrow" but irony is this very statement is the gist of enlightenment.

For someone who needs a crash course its a 2 step process act and let-go.

This might seem counter intuitive to many as they have heard a million times "think before you act" so here is the undeniable fact, you are reading this article because YOU are someone who has done plenty of thinking and that's the first thing to be en-lightened. If your first instinct towards a goal oriented action is good then don't keep second guessing yourself, any sensible person who has spent appreciable amount of time evaluating all the outcomes in a scenario can tell you that there is no amount data to arrive at an undeniable conclusion ... so  "just do it" and let the outcome to flow.

To quote Newtons third law - every action invariable follows with a reaction, whether you think its you or an external circumstances that has got you to this moment the power always dwells in you to respond and the best way to do that is to have none. This very well seems as a passive idea that wont do much, but  Letting Go is mightiest of all that can be done in any instant. By embracing Letting Go there are two major forces that are brought into play, the first is that you have effectively isolated yourself from the scenario providing an opportunity to look at the bigger picture and utilize your deeper understanding to arrive at a solution for that problem. The second you have let go is the second you have completely obliterated the burden that had bound you to the past and catapults you to the future.

Now to answer that inquisitive mind of yours, why ACT at all if you are letting go of the outcome, contrary to how it appears the outcome is not the source of fulfillment it's just an ideation, which is by definition fulfilled when one starts working towards it so the whole point of performing an action is action itself and nothing else that's a quote from zen, so in essence letting go is not to give up on the outcome but rather liberate yourself to pursue something higher something else entirely.

Are you ready to be en-lighten-ed?