There are number of reasons when you look around the web as to what it represents.

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything

The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

But the simplest reason is that my brain is presently tuned to this number. It has built biological filters to pickup the number 42 from nothingness to everything it sees…

So the answer is a question I am trying to solve.,
42..! why ?

— Update on 17th September 2018

I have not found an answer but have found a way to reduce my feelings about it.., it used to so happen and still does that when I ever I look at numbers they often arrange to be in order of 42 or its derivative form… I have no possible way to ignore once I see it since the act of ignorance also enforces my belief for it, so for this my solution is to actively find out numbers which are not 42 by doing that I can affirm myself that its not 42 which is everywhere but my belief on this number that gets identified..
and it seems to be working for now…will see how it goes…..

and then it was 43 (-updated on 13th Oct 2018)

For half a day I started seeing 43 all over where it was 42 predominantly…,This apparently happened after the day I suggested to myself and the universe that I want to sense something other than what I was feeling..
So I have a strange feeling that I have found a teeny tiny point of access to sense when something changes.
Its a very sensible thing to say that “you see in stars what you want to see..”
because they are obviously are all in different plane of reference and yet we end up making constellations., I see 42 the same way, one of my uncles seems to sense that people are always following him where ever he goes, I can see how this makes me look nuts., because I am aligning myself with things that don’t make any sense.
Our brains are too efficient in making connections to seemingly unconnected things to make sense out of it, they are pattern matching machines.
But just for a second lets leave that assumption aside and consider this ..,

We are an integral part of this multiverse we somehow make connections, pathways for things to happen in the way that they do in a very unconscious way. So when we find pattern’s in this world, is it not evident enough that the universe/multiverse has arranged itself for us to see those patterns to have those moments that you want to have?
its not just you but you in this multiverse as a whole is somehow responsible for the whole thing to materialize.

recently came across an interesting post and had a face palm moment.., in the book “hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy” the answer 42 was given to the question “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything” because from a computers standpoint the length / character count of this string is 42 or that the character wildcard also called * asterisk ASCII value is 42…
So I realized something that wasn’t there to begin with everyone is finding a logical answer to it but there is no logic its just what you want it to be..,

The ultimate answer to life universe and everything is whatever you want it to be , its just as simple or as complicated as that.