Playing not to win is not the same as playing to lose, but it is to loose oneself in the play…

because when you play to win your chance of having a desired outcome is less than 100%, on the contrary when you play without the expectation of the outcome you have already won.!

True love is not a beacon on the mountain calling for you to reach., It’s a flashlight or a candle you carry with helping you with every step.
It’s not bright but it gets you where you have to go…. you need to be…

The greatest learning that I have ever done is the ability to Unlearn!

Learning is a part of life, but to unlearn needs constant struggle with Death

Failures is the universe testing your worthiness for the success..,
You need to fail more and fail better to be worthy of the prize

believe me when I say that the universe takes your failures personally, so smile when you fail because the whole universe is watching you and rooting for you to dust yourself off and try again…

Uncertainty and Change are the only things which are Certain and never-change.

This quote might have been lifted from something.., I am not able to find which one that is…

When you persevere with the courage of uncertainty everything suddenly becomes possible.,

but when you hold on to a desirable outcome the only possibility is for that outcome to become uncertain.

If you don’t take a chance on something because the probability of that happening is 1%, it suddenly becomes 0%., similarly when you take a chance on something with the only intent of succeeding the probability of having a pleasant outcome suddenly becomes less than cent percent.

Art of practicing patience is not to hold on to belief in the face of unbelievable odds endlessly..,

but to let go of the desired outcome momentarily.

Time is not a part of the equation of Patience. because the more you hold on to your belief the more entitled you become for that to come to reality within your conscious measure of what time is…and so the time just becomes trap for you.
My first Take : Patience is not bound to time, but the attitude to persist and persevere endlessly

When you say “I can wait as long it takes to be with someone special”, I can guarantee you that you just have to wait 13.7billion years and you will be united.

The beauty is you have done it before and invariably do it again…!

Expressing oneself doesn’t need to be refined, because no amount of energy of one wave can influence another but the ones in resonance can make the world stand still..

If universe speaks in frequency, the way to understand it is through resonance.

you can’t love something which isn’t beautiful to begin with…
sometimes that beauty is apparent to our senses, sometimes its not.
so obviously we love someone because they are beautiful., but then we loose our self in them., because they are real and by reflection they make us beautiful.

Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?

If the universe is a distributed architecture machine then one can think that holding on to something for it to happen puts a great deal of pressure on the system, since it has to manage resources for infinite parallel processes and now it needs to prioritize and reshuffle resources deviating from its general course of action.,
you being a part of that system will sense that pressure as pain and agony., so let things go because the universe has a way of getting things done when you don’t try to control it.

we are not actually in a universe but a system of multiverse and the perception of I is by itself a boundless universe.

I love you so much that I can eat you completely or starve eternally.,your love for me changes nothing, but my love for you has changed everything.

Extension on HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU.!

They say “Nobody dies a virgin, Life Fucks Everybody…” true., but give it some time…”You might have an Orgasm”

Saw the first part of the quote and this is what I could come up with.

Coincidences are the only way to reach where you are..,when you connect the dots looking at life backwards.

Because if you look back into coincidences you will realize that when the outcome of the system becomes unfavorable to the universe., The universe steps in and makes a judgement call., and sometimes it happens so abruptly to our senses that it risks the exposure of the fabric of the whole thing.
This is why sometimes your plan doesn’t work for reasons unknown or just hard to grasp,..viz., at the final minute the the meetings get canceled, or you get a call from a totally unexpected source, you meet a person who wasn’t in the picture at all…
This is universe ways of handling it’s anxiety of the outcome.. We can sometimes see this by showing our cards and giving up control…

First and Last are great but being Now is all there is ….

you can’t hold the past or trap the future…I don’t care if I am your first or last., because all I can feel is now.

Love like everything else in life should be like an act of Breathing…You take it in and let it go… If you try to hold it will suffocate you and if you don’t let it in you were never alive.


ಕೇಳು in Kannada is an amazing word it has 2 meanings ASK and LISTEN. representing the biggest lesson that you could get.


Its never too late., but it could be too early… and if its too early then its too late.


Meditation is not about finding yourself, its about enjoying oneself.


Nirvana is the state of mind where all “Need to” and “Have to” can be converted into “Want to”., and vice-versa… while you have absolute control over it by loosing yourself in it.


Sometimes failure is the only way forward…


when you are in love you are not in control, when you are in control you are not in love.

I fell in love because I felt I was in control when I was not.., its amazing and ironic you can only fall if you believe you are in control because that is an illusion., while people who feel that they are loosing control cannot fall in love because they are continuously aware of the loss of control and keep course correcting.

When you have no CHOICE..
still take a CHANCE ..
because that’s the only way you can CHANGE

I believe in the The 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes.
You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.
but most of the time you can’t see the choices in front of you.., all you see is single door.,now its with the above mindset you have to go through…and you will realize that there was no door..

Time is Boundless…

Money is worthless…

Love is Limitless…

GL, the more you give the more you have