As I try to figure out where it is that I am headed to…here is what I do.

Foremost I am a seeker., someone who is comfortable in accepting that he knows not of how all things work with flexible mind to entertain new ideas.

I am a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering and hold a master degree in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems., while this is from an academic standpoint. I have constantly sought out to learn things on my own accord that which encompass various streams of engineering, literature, philosophy, fine arts and life sciences.

I have interned as a software developer before starting a private firm of my own with my best friend to build things we dreamed of. As of today I head a startup venture focused on electric vehicles, which has constantly provided me opportunities to better myself with things that I am fascinated about electronics.

I have faith in god who is responsible for the sinus rhythm of my heart. I believe that divinity exists in every atom and that there is a purpose even when one can’t see it aka panpsychism, here then lives my ability to unconditionally love and let go of everything I come to experience with including myself.