Few of my ideas for a fulfilled life.

Awesome Body:

  • Everyday sweat & achieve personal best in at least 1 exercise.
  • Watch your posture when you sit, walk and sleep
  • Sleep at 10:30pm and wake up at 4:30am [maintain internal clock]
  • Eat at right intervals and skip if its past due time

Life style :

  • Wardrobe is for washed and ironed clothes [Do it yourself]
  • Clear torn and faded shirts from every day use [not even for home wear]
  • Buy a fresh pair of sock and inner wear regularly.
  • Get haircut once a month, Trim beard twice a week.
  • Clean room/home once a week.

Open Mind:

  • Read/Listen and summarize one non fiction book each week #mytakeaway.
  • Try something new just for sake of trying.
  • Listen to podcasts than video surfing

Finance :

  • Invest 100Rs every month into a seperate account [PayTM]

Scoring Professional Goals:

  • Invest on building novel ideas and designs every week>
  • Document your work for past week and plan for the upcoming one.

Better Relationships:

  • Call at-least one unique person every week just to keep in touch.
  • Try to bring one new person year into your life every year.
  • Try Dates and Hangout

Intone Musician:

  • Learn one new trick/song each week.
  • Invest time for deliberate practice.

Mastering a Foreign Language:

  • Watch at-least 1 foreign movie / Binge watch a season of a TV series in a week
  • Listen to regional songs other than Kannada


  • Once a week browse internet for latest development in tech.
  • Learn something apart from work related objectives.

Limit or Get rid of:

  • Meloncholy of the past, Judgement in the present and worrying about the future
  • Porn [kaamasutra is acceptable], Smoking/Drinking [once in a month is acceptable]. Truth is the more one delves in pleasure only activities the more they will forgo their chances at creating true joy creating activities like Dating, Courtship, Bonding, Intimacy, Vulnerability, Endurance of Pain, Acceptance of Reality.
  • Unhealthy eating habits and Fast Food.
  • Youtube binge, Primevideo/Netflix binge, Popcorn binge
  • Don’t invest time in other projects on weekdays
  • Stop discussing philosophy or collecting quotables
  • Avoid using phones and distractions while eating