This blog is all about what its not about, Its my take on mastering the art of not being, life’s philosophy of constant cession for no-thing-ness within and without.

The articles that follow portrays a incessant journey of growth with uncertainty.

Life itself is but a fleeting moment, we are nothing but a cosmic dust, a coincidence in this vast expense of spacetime continuum ever present and everywhere without ambitions or judgement and somewhere along comes the illusion of control and with it we grow conscience. everyone has it until they die and no one is above it. The point is not to get rid of it nor overcome it like a sadhu but work with it.

We all have our demons, if you know it then don’t name it, just stop identifying yourself with it, whatever it might be. Having a demon in itself is neither good or bad, on the contrary its just a part of life to be experienced but when you consciously identify one as your own then, it becomes the limits of your potential which is.

In this illusion of reality you are neither good nor bad, you are neither bright nor dull, you are neither selfish nor selfless, you are neither a friend nor a foe, you are neither a masculine nor feminine, you are neither diligent nor negligent, you are neither one nor zero, you are neither essential nor insignificant, you are no-thing.

So then, life is not about fulfillment as there is nothing which is empty, rather a journey of re-discovery of what you are not to uncover what you are.

my mentor once said “Failure to try is the real failure”.

I have tried many things in my life so far and I am better or worse because of it, there is no taboo that I recognize in it however having them persistent in my mind has limited me, so then its about time to move on and make oneself imitless.