Build VESC_Tool on QT Creator

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This is an alternate flow for QT build of VESC_Tool for macOS shown here but without terminal

The source code can be obtained here and one can download the project as zip file from github directly by following this link Extract the files into the home directory under the folder vesc_tool

You can install the latest version of QT framework by using the QT unified installer for macOS available here SignUp/SignIn with your QT credentials and use the appropriate license [I am using opensource license].

By default the location of installation is user home folder i.e $HOME/QT/ Next up the components, choose the stable release version and install all the packages/modules under v5.12.7 along side the Developer and Design Tools.

This will take a long time to download and will occupy plenty of your disk space.

Once the installation is done we can verify the components present by opening the folder structure under $HOME folder, make sure you have qt v5.12.7 inside it.

Now start QT creator from the finder and open the project file under the extracted folder using File > Open File or Project…

Configure project in the Projects Tab while selecting only the necessary Kits, in this case [Desktop Qt 5.12.7 clang 64bit] and hit configure.

The project is built and Run using the UI button at the bottom left corner of the IDE.

This will take 5 minutes and once Successful, the VESC_Tool will open up.!


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